Weeping Willow

Arched limbs
Curtains of leaves stretching toward ground
Formed a natural playhouse
Next to my childhood home.

Drooping branches
Umbrella of leaves
Created filmy enclosures;
Rooms of an imaginary house.

Layers of limbs hung
As hands to be kissed.
Black trunk as black tights
Stood under yellow, then green skirt.

Draperies of leaves
Extended downward
Swayed in soft breezes
Whipped in fury in summer storms.

West of front porch
It gave welcomed shade
Sunsets glowed through lacey leaves.
Raindrops glistened on sheer layers.

Willow and I grew.
I no longer played under its frame.
My interest spread beyond home.
Its roots spread entwining household pipes.

Our removals necessary
I went out into the world
Its damage dug out of the ground
My house of leaves destroyed.

When I see
A willow
I weep.

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