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Happy Holidays

My flash fiction was published on National League of American Pen Women website. This was a first try at writing a complete story in 100 words or less. Wrote of coach approaching team room after an injury. "In or Out?" was published on Veterans Day. I took copies of WHILE to sell at a book fair Sunday before Pearl Harbor Day with model of the Arizona on display as a remembrance of lives lost at its sinking. A little boy came by and wanted to buy the model! He was more impressed when I told him it was built by my son who is a Marine. I am reworking sections of RAISING SIX HANNAS in Gahanna. Here is a Christmas sample. "Sit up straight. Stop poking. Quit hiding." Why would these comments be made on Christmas Day at Hanna House? Happy Holidays!
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1Friday, 11 December 2015 16:39
Laurie Farnham
I know the book will be fun to read. My mom was one of six kids and there were many good family stories floating around.

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