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Spring Has Sprung

And revisions have sprung into the manuscript of Six Hannas in Gahanna, I am entering revisions after a professionsl review. It has taken me a year. As stated before. It is hard to write about family when one is so recently missing.
I'm still debating as to how to publish-at local printer as a family memoir OR for general audience as a slice of 1980-200 Americana.
Found letters from our moms with comments. My mom "Can't they go up and down stairs quietly?" My answer to one who raised only me, "No, Mom they're boys"'
I have two book signings for WHILE in May the month WWll in Europe ended.
As seen in photos, traditions and celebrations continue.
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1Sunday, 23 April 2017 13:30
Laura Farnham
I always appreciate the window into your world, Peg. May spring bring healing to you in so many ways.

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