Peanut Butter on the wall & Marshallows in the microwave
Memories of Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna



How did you cope with six personalities?

How did you travel with so many children?”

If you are raising or have raised a large family, grew up in,  know or want to know about a large family, you can relate to some of the happenings, recall similar situations and realize these scenes occur in any era, in any size family with “I didn’t do it! STOP IT! Or “My turn…”

Each chapter/room reveals stories of raising six Hanna children of all ages and stages together. Some are humorous. Some are sad. Some are hair-raising. All are true.

“Everything Peg Hanna has written is true as we remember it to be.” Paul and Alma Hochuli, former Heil Drive neighbors.

“The six Hanna children must have listened or watched the Art Linkletter program “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.  But in this household, they DID some of the darndest things. Flying peanut butter, flying babies and marshmallows in the microwave are just a few of the experiences these children provided. Although the author was exasperated with a house full of children, she and her husband raised six upstanding men and women.” Sandi Latimer, facilitator of Ohio Writers’ Guild.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and kobo.

Here's what readers are saying:

  • "Having grown up in a large family, it's a fun and interesting read." Jo Gorringe Amazon customer 

  • "I remember! Maybe I could write a virtual chapter" Leonard Kuhnen our German Exchange student 

  • "I can relate to so many of the rooms in Cliffside and the goings on...Congratulations on your masterpiece." Cindy Mackin, Gahanna resident
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