The pocket size books of mother's prayers were published as a collection of devotions written for a church newsletter. People identified with my feelings and emotions as a mother and asked for copies which became Hear My Heart vol I&II. Vol I is out of print. Vol II can be purchased. Contact me.

Tricia and the Blue Cap, Canneh, the Reluctant Christmas Camel and Seeing Stars were created when a member of the Ohio Writer's Guild started Sprite Press and asked for stories. These  can be purchased from Sprite

 I attended a Highlights Foundation workshop for children’s writers at Chautauqua, New York. I was excited to go back to the place I where I had worked and lived during my college summers. An editor from Zaner-Bloser asked for submissions. After sending a few short stories, I began writing for the educational publishers. I wrote leveled readers (high interest/low level) and books-in-a bag (8 page stories for kindergarten and first grade to take home and read). I was comfortable leading children to read again. These books can be found in units from Zaner-Bloser’s catalogue. Zaner

Tricia and the Blue Cap


 I wrote Tricia and the Blue Cap, a true story from my childhood.  I giggled as I wrote the story; the universal experience children of scissors and home haircuts.





Canneh, the Reluctant Christmas Camel

canneh2Canneh, the Reluctant Christmas Camel was inspired by a sketch of a feisty camel. I’d never written an animal story and wanted to play with what a camel might say. Canneh didn’t want to be one of the three wisemens’ camels. “What do you mean we’re going to a birthday party and we don’t know who it’s for?” he says.

Hear My Heart Vol 1


 Reflections of a Summertime Mom, I wrote:

"What happened to summers of nothingness?'

Hear My Heart Vol 2


I wrote in VACATION "Time away, Lord, will it ever come?   ....... Some Families have one or two week vacations.  We try for one long weekend."

In THE FLU, I wrote, "Help me be patient with the patient, Lord.  She has the flu-again!"

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars evolved from the illustrator’s lament that he hadn’t seen young children’s stories about the Zodiac. We collaborated with an amateur astronomer. At times, we felt overwhelmed with information. We had as many ideas as stars.

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