Family-less Room

I recently read of a family-less room

built for an absent family.

Have they moved?


children gone?

Why family-less?


Large screen TV hangs black against the wall.

Battered recliner sits upright.

Couch pillows hold no one.

Coffee table is bare.

The room is dark and silent.



The kitchen comes alive twice a day.

Two cook and eat there.

Dining room serves no one.

Front door stands locked.

One of four bedrooms slept in.

Adding to family-less-ness.


Larger family no longer visits.

Two living in the house avoid

the family room holding happy  memories.

Sadness overwhelms them.

How long can they ignore the room?

Should they sell?


Do rooms of a house experience loss

as those who live within their walls?

Down on the Farms

Down on the Farms
            by Peg Hanna

Early in my life
Craig and Kraus farms
summers with my relatives
            playing in the hay
           picking beans
a different lifestyle
away from life in town.

Later I entered Hanna farm
met new relatives
where he spent summers
            driving a tractor
            picking corn
away from life in town.

Today's family farms offer children
visits to farmers unknown,
limited time in field trips
             seeing food unpackaged
             from farm to fork
away from life in town

Down on the farms.

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