Down on the Farms

Down on the Farms
            by Peg Hanna

Early in my life
Craig and Kraus farms
summers with my relatives
            playing in the hay
           picking beans
a different lifestyle
away from life in town.

Later I entered Hanna farm
met new relatives
where he spent summers
            driving a tractor
            picking corn
away from life in town.

Today's family farms offer children
visits to farmers unknown,
limited time in field trips
             seeing food unpackaged
             from farm to fork
away from life in town

Down on the farms.

Love is Nothing Unless Expressed

from a quote in All the Flowers in Shanghai

I smile when I see you.
I touch your arm when talking to you.
I look at only you. I am expressing love.

No words, No kisses,
No hugs, nor saying "I love you".
In my manner, I am expressing love.

Why must I say the words?
You should feel my love.
I am always here, expressing love.

Why can't you see me as more than a friend?
Why can't you see that I am afraid to say the words
that might destroy what we have?

I want to be lovers.
You want friendship.
I am expressing my love.

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