Love is Nothing Unless Expressed

from a quote in All the Flowers in Shanghai

I smile when I see you.
I touch your arm when talking to you.
I look at only you. I am expressing love.

No words, No kisses,
No hugs, nor saying "I love you".
In my manner, I am expressing love.

Why must I say the words?
You should feel my love.
I am always here, expressing love.

Why can't you see me as more than a friend?
Why can't you see that I am afraid to say the words
that might destroy what we have?

I want to be lovers.
You want friendship.
I am expressing my love.


Whose Yard?

Quickly, quickly through the yard they scatter.
Who chases who doesn't matter.
A dozen or more bask in the sun
Resting for the next round of fun.
Fluffy tails, furry bodies, tiny feet on the move
Scampering here and there to prove
Our yard is every squirrel's playground
With trees to climb, hidden food to be found.

One peeks at me
From a hole in a tree.
Others bounce on limbs
Exercising in nature's gym,
Propeling themselves from place to place,
Suddenly sittimg upright, food at their face,
Nibble on a nut or seed,
Bury another for a time in need.

Squirrels, squirrels everywhere
Some alone, some in pairs.
Scurrying, springing silently by
Enjoying my backyard more than I
Running in rain, frolicking through flowers
Leaping in leaves, skittering in snow, for hours and hours
Weather doesn't matter. They are there.
Whose yard is this? It's mine to share.
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