Conversation with a Remote

"Why don't you do what I want?"
You're going too fast. Slow down.
"I'm following your directions."
No You're not. Give me a chance to do what you ask.
"Others get what they want. Why can't I?"
Look at what you're doing.
"I'm pushing the right buttons."
But you go either too slow or too fast.
"No, I don't."
Yes you do!
"You go where you want."
Yelling at me won't help.
"But you don't follow what I want."
I can't hear you anyway.
"I'm ready to throw you at the screen."
Go ahead. That won't get you the right channel either.

Lost Hidden or Stolen

It was stolen the moment he arrived.
The phone call left me shaken.
I rushed into the room and gasped.
Others crowded around as wide-eyed as I.
We couldn't believe who we were seeing.
The bundle was unwrapped, laid bare.
Its contents found in the arms of his mother.
My heart was stolen by this tiny creature.
Full of love
I viewed my first grandchild for the first time.
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