Christmas Cards/Paper Friends

Reliving the past through
Year-old Christmas cards,
I compose this year's list
from paper friends.

Poinsettas, trains, carolers,
Mangers, snowman and pines
Convey "Season's Greetings"
Messages added in ink.

Annual news and photos
Highlights of months behind
Reminders of my life
With old friends.

Scanning aging faces,
Children as adults,
Reports of families expanding
Familiar voices speak.

Empty nesters, blanded families,
Grandparents, grandbabies,
Weddings, births, death
Similar lives shared.

Annual connection to faraway friends
Recalls former times.
Their frozen faces await
Christmas letters and photos

I send.


We wait in anticipation
for gifts in celebration.

Gifts in many shapes and sizes
some expected, some surprises.

Ours wrapped in paper to rip off
Yours came swaddled in a cloth.

Ours opened with squeals of delight
Yours came in a silent night.

Ours may be returned to the store
Yours lives in our hearts evermore.

Some gifts loved, others spurned.
Accepting Yours, most learned

Old and young, big and small
Your beloved gift fits all.

One remembered each year to come
Your Christmas gift, Your Only Son.
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