Outside Her Window

Outside her bedroom window
maple tree explodes in red.
Fall's leaves fill the scene
from Mother's second floor room.

She sees strength in its grandeur,
feels warnth in slits of sunshine.
Dark limbs hold clusters of leaves
shaping the towering presence.

In a matching photograph
I match her strength.
Interpretations of nature reached into our lives
through window pane and camera lens.

Moonshine and Marshmallows

We toured his workshop in late September.
Amazed at homemade decorations for December
waiting to color the town with his skill.
He led us next door to a moonshine still.

He introduced us to the owner of the instillation
who explained the process of distillation.
She gave us sips of homemade brew
We took no more than two.

Our host enjoyed show-casing his small town
The Memorial Park where we walked around,
The firehouse where our photos were made
led us to remember a fire pit where we stayed.

We crossed the quiet street
searching marshmallows for the evening's treat
Entering a small grocery store
We saw what we were looking for.

We left with fixings for s'mores
the afternoon's buy from one day's tour
What more fun could we ask for
than Moonshine, marshmallows and a guided tour?

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