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Peanut Butter on the Wall and Marshmallows in the Microwave is now live and available on in print and ebook, B&N ebook waitring for print version. iTunes and kobo. I am awaiting print edition to have in my hands. I am so excited. Watch for future changes in website and comments about the book.

Manuscript Gone

Peanut Butter on the Wall Marshmallows in the Microwave (subtitle Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna) manuscript has gone to publisher. I can't believe how much time I have now that I'm not working on the manuscript each waking hour. 
I'm excited to share my poem "Weeping Willow" with a sculptor for an upcoming exhibit. She will make a bas-relief to accompany my poem. Click on my poetry section and Weeping Willow.
 My next project is to co-ordinate my 120 poems into a book of verse.
Going to Hocking Hills and visit Old Man's Cave with my Lit Club to relax for the weekend.
Still selling While...One Era Two LIves at book signings..

Summertime Familytime

All 22 Hanna family members celebrated a whirlwind July 4th week of fireworks,food and fun. It's heart warming to see cousins spending time with each other.
Revisions of 6 Hannas on Gahanna are completed. I meet with editor this month to discuss what I hope are improvements.
I've made a title change to Peanut Butter on the Wall, Marshmallows in the Microwave, two instances from the book. Subtitle is Memories of Raising 6 Hannas in Gahanna.
Watch blog for further progress.

Spring Has Sprung

And revisions have sprung into the manuscript of Six Hannas in Gahanna, I am entering revisions after a professionsl review. It has taken me a year. As stated before. It is hard to write about family when one is so recently missing.
I'm still debating as to how to publish-at local printer as a family memoir OR for general audience as a slice of 1980-200 Americana.
Found letters from our moms with comments. My mom "Can't they go up and down stairs quietly?" My answer to one who raised only me, "No, Mom they're boys"'
I have two book signings for WHILE in May the month WWll in Europe ended.
As seen in photos, traditions and celebrations continue.

New Year

Happy New Year!
It was a slow start for Bill and me. we both caught the cold of the century. My mother always said that a cold lasted "Seven days or a week". She was right! I carried a  tissue box  on my hip the whole week.
Thank you for your christmas cards. Our card featured a photo of 23 family stockings hanging under the mantel with the accompaning letter starting with "one missing this year" Rosie's. My childhood friend Elaine passed away last year too. I miss both of them. I'm finding that grieving appears in many ways.
Revising Six Hannas in Gahanna is slow going. I had surgery for weeping eye. Seems successful.
New poem Loss was written after talking to newly widowed friend.
Here's hoping for a healthier more produtive new year.
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