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Summer Set Back

Two skin cancer surgeries on my ankle, one with skin graft slowed me down this summer. it was painful to walk. I have not worked on mss returned for 6 Hannas in Gahanna, nor written anything new except poetry. (See poetry section).

I did go on vacation with family to Pokegon State Park on Indiana/Michigan border. Used a wheelchair and a cane, but got arround. Watched kids and grandkids swimming and riding bikes, and ate good lunches at beer pubs . We made dinners over open fires and s'mores at night. Great time!

I hope to sell more WHILE in the fall "Columbus Independents Day" and set up more presentations with Hilde.

Two Hats

I wore my childrens' book "hat" when I judged and spoke at B'nai Brith Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge award dinner.I talked the audience through the development of one of my books on diversity. It was exciting to meet the young authors who wrote and illustrated their entries.
I will wear my WHILE "hat" this month when HIlde and I present WHILE to seniors at Westminster Thurber Retirement Community. I look forward to meeting those who lived during the War.
This summer I will be wearing both hats again. I will appear at Westerville Library Local Author's Event and in Dublin schools summer program with my children' s books and interact with children.

Spring Has Sprung?

Not so here in Ohio. It seems to snow every two days since the spring date. It's either snow gear, rain gear or short sleeve weather.
Recently Hilde and I presented WHILE to a senior citizen's group in Galloway. The people were very responsive and shared their "WWII days".
We also read parts of WHILE on Senior Agenda program of TalkTainment radio.
I participated in a Poetry Slam at Gille senior Center. What fun to share my poetry and hear others share theirs. Some of my poetry is included in COLLAGE a publication of  writings of Franklinton Writers.
I am still writing Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna. Look for more excerpts in future blogs.

Excerpt from Six Hannas in Gahanna

grandfather-clock-001Nob Hill, Snob Hill?
"You bought what house?"
"It's a perfect fit for your family."
"You deserve it."
 The ten room, five bedroom, full basement house at the end of a cul-de-sac built for a family of six boys and one girl DID fit our family of five boys and one girl.
We watched this house being built on family Sunday drives, never thinking it would have anything to do with us seventeen years later.
Another's grandfather clock opened the way for us to buy the Nob Hill House.

Happy Holidays!

My co-author Hilde and I sold WHILE at Wagnal Library's Christmas Bazaar in Lythopolis, OH. We enjoyed meeting and talking with customers.
We will be on podcast radio  again in January discussing WHILE.
I'm lining up presentations of WHILE in the new year. Leads are coming in. More information next month.
I completed judging 18 entries for eXpressions, a Cleveland Clinic program. High school students wrote literary pieces based on an intern's research. Very interesting topic and entries. Will learn winners in January.
Family birthdays and holidays to celebrate this time of year. We are enjoying!
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