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Prompt from Picture

cat-booksKitty Sitter "Kitty, Why are you sitting up there on my bookcase?" I knew I shouldn't have agreed to kitty-sit my friend's cat.I am not a cat lover. In a weak moment I said yes to Amy in her desperate need. She had lined up another friend to watch Herman, but she backed out. Amy needed to be with her mother who was facing cancer surgery in another state. I became Amy's friend for life when I agreed. Herman and I tolerated each other as long as we didn't get in the other's way. Amy sent Herman with a library book for me to read while she was gone. I put it on top of my bookcase. Herman insisted on sitting on that book on my bookshelf. One day I rearranged the books to see what he would do. He scattered all the books until he found his favorite. He pushed it to the middle of the shelf and sat on it as if to say "You can't fool me!" Amy called to check on us. I explained Hermnan's sitting on the book. "Why is he so protective of that book?" She laughed. "Check the due date. Herman has the uncanny ability to recognize when a library book is due."

Rewards and Awards

April and May have been busy months for this author/poet/teacher.
I attended an evening with Lynn Cullen, author of Mrs. Poe.As she signed my book, she glanced at my business card I had given her for WHILE. She recognized the cover!It came up when she located another book. I was shocked and pleased for the recognition. Ms. Cullen asked what I was writing now and I told her about H.Raisnig Six Hannas in Gahanna. She tought it a great title as she is one of seven.
New reviews for WHILE are appearing on Amazon.(see WHILE on menu)
My entries won awards at the Janis Senior Center Creative Arts Event; Exceptional for preview of Six Hannas and BLUE RIBBON for collection of poetry (see poetry) theme was Down on the farm. I wrote of farms I knew.
Two book signings for WHILE led to homework for locating venues for presentations and book signings.
Back in the classroom, this teacher spoke at Career Day in a Columbus elementary school. I forgot how tiring standing for seven presentations can be. I was pleasantly surprised ewhen students asked to read aloud one of my children's books. Every reader chose to read the same book ZOO RACE (Zaner-Bloser).
Mid-May I am the guest speak for a book club in Marysville,OH. celebrating  their anniversary.
This summer promises to be busy as we are planning our 50th wedding anniversary in August.
Hope you summer is full of good books including WHILE...Born During WWII.

First Exhibition

March 7,2014 was the start of a month long exhibition of my works at the Greater Columbus chapter of the National League of American Pen Women's exhibition at the Ohioana Library. "Parallel Arts-Women Create" is a presentation of art from Columbus woman of music, photography, paintings, clothing and written word. Members presented three works of art. I entered a poster of WHILE hangs above a glass case containing the book and plate and cup mentioned in the book. ( one my mother bought in the States at the time Hilde was painting china in Germany). I also showcase a work in progress of excerpts from Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna. My talks given on both works were well received.It is exciting to be a part of this display of talent.

Author/Artists and Acceptance

"Authors are Artists Too" is the topic I presented at the Cultural Arts Center, Columbus Ohio at a Thursday Conversations and Coffee. Authors create pictures with words.
I read selections of work I created painting pictures with words. In my teacher mode, I gave writing exercises to the audience to paint pictures with details.

I have been accepted into the NLAPW National League of American Pen Women. The Columbus chapter is presenting "Paralell Arts Women Create" and ehibition of works of women of the Columbus chapter. I have submitted WHILE and excerpts from the manuscript of RAISING SIX HANNAS IN GAHANNA.

Here is a look at Chapter 1
"Your name is what?"
And you live where?" I could hear the person snicker on the other end of the phone.
"Let me get this straight Your name is Mrs. Hanna and you live in Gahanna". More snickering.
"On Heil Drive?" an ouatright guffaw. "Did you plan this?"
Our friends would say we had alot of nerve. Hannas on Heil in Gahanna. Who would want that combination for an address?"
We did.

January Insights

January was a busy month with presentations and book signings of WHILE ... Born During WWII.
At the Upper Arlington Senior Center book club, members had read the book previous to my appearance. This led to an interesting discussion of our stories as well as the publication of the book. They asked why Hilde didn't appear with me. I explained that she doesn't like to speak in public and gets too emotional when reading about her past. I explained that I always ask her to accompany me that people want to hear her talk, not me. I was surprised that these ladies understood Hilde's side.

In Delaware at the senior center, I presented WHILE again leading to many interested in the book. Twelve people were very brave to go out on the cold afternoon of January 22.
COLD it was -3 degrees for the January 23 evening book signing at the Book Loft/MoJoe's restaurant. Three of us authors displayed our books to a small turnout of brave souls. Many canceled due to the frigid weather. Book Loft is still selling WHILE. The store offered time in collaboration with MoJoe's next door. It should be a very nice venue for a summer booking.

At the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus,I will present a program January 30 entitled "Authors are Artists, Too!" using my books Tricia and the Blue Cap, Train to Yesterday, poetry from the anthology From Our Hearts and Minds, my short story from While You Were Out , WHILE and excerpt from my manuscript "Raising 6 Hannas in Gahanna".

Stay warm and read.
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