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On the Move

Presenting WHILE has taken me many places. I am following advice to "go anywhere to get the book out there".

This spring, I read excerpts from WHILE in Zanesville, Ohio at a scheduled reading at the library and met authors from the area and heard parts of their works.

In Westerville, Ohio I went back to school and spoke to middle school students about being an author for Career Day. As a former teacher, it was good to be back in the classroom and interacting with the students. The best part of the day was when upon leaving, one boy came up and shook my hand!

In partnership with the Columbus Arts Festival( June 7,8,9) and as facilitator of the Ohio Writer's Guild, I became a member of the organizing committee. For the first time authors were recognized as artists. They registered online and auditioned in person. Those chosen read parts of their works at the festival. We had a variety of readings and were well received. Several asked if we would have author readings again next year.

This summer my co-author and I will be speaking at the Worthington retirement center in Columbus. The audience there should be those who can identify with the times written about in WHILE

A Story to Tell

WHILE is our story. What is yours?

Appearing recently at the Y Writers Readings in Zanesville I generated some interest in our story.

A DRAWING is set up for WHILE's birthday in May. Enter on website

WHILE is a great Mother's Day present for mothers who heard about WWII or grandmothers who may have lived it.
Memorial Day next month is a great time to remember the war with WHILE.
We need to keep alive the efforts of the Greatest Generation.
As a child of this generation, I have a story to tell, one that has interested many who identify with it.

Do you have a story to tell? WRITE IT!

What are you reading?

What are you reading now and why?
I am reading Ken Follett's second of The Century Trilogy. The first, Fall of Giants, took five families leading up to and through the First World War.
This second, Winter of the World takes the same families, an American, German, Russian, English and Welsh, up to and through the Second World War.
I love learning history through its people and dialogue. I know of some of the events and learn others through the characters' involvement. Both books are tomes and well worth reading every page.
What are you reading?


Authors will be recognized as artists at the Columbus Arts Festival this summer. Poetry has always been presented.
I have been named to the Columbus Arts Festival committee to establish procedures for authors to read works at the SPOKEN WORD stage. I am learning the process and hope to have a sucessful opportunity for authors to present their works.

I am hearing from you about WHILE. Several college friends wrote after our reunion. " I liked getting to know you better." and "Will continue to share your book with others." and "Our lives were so much the same." This person outlined where our lives parralled. All commented on Hilde's sad life.

WHILE continues to be mentioned wherever I go, by me and others. Talking to others seems to be my best method of selling.


At the end of a year and a half of publication, WHILE has sucessful sales, reviews and comments still coming.
Readers like the arrangement of chapters to highlight the contrast of Hilde's and my lives. Others write of the parallels of their American lives and mine.
One friend wrote that her dad was a banker, air raid warden, and bourough treasurer like my dad. Her mother was a teacher like my mine! She lives nowhere near me.!
One guest at a party brought her husband who heard me talking about WHILE. Leaving the party, she asked me where to buy the book. He'd asked for it for Christmas!
At another party I met a man who publishes books with the same company as I published WHILE. Amazing! We has alot to talk about!
I hope the new year brings more comments and more sales!
Let me hear from you.
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