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An Award and Places to Go

WHILE is to be included in the December issue of SHELF UNBOUND as one fo 12 notable books in the memoir category of the writing competition for Best Indie Book. Shelf Unbound is an online magazine.

WHILE and I have been busy. A book signing at the Novel Concept Bookstore went well. I met many new people interested in WWII. The owner agreed to sell WHILE in the store.
A presentation at Reynoldsburg Senior Center brougt old friends who supported me in sharing WHILE with seniors. Those attending were interested, asked questions added comments and bought copies.
Appearing at Beehive Bookstore in Delaware was exciting. This is a great store with a friendly reception and responsive audience. Beehive also will sell the book.

Our son, Stephen , appeared in the play "Death of a Salesman" in Columbus. What a show! The cast gave a powerful performance. Stephen's character changes from a flighty  teen to a young adult and becomes a believable young lawyer.

In January I will present WHILE to two senior centers, the Book Loft in German Village in Columbus and the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus.

I am busy editing the first draft of H dot, Raising 6 Hannas in Gahanna. It is a big departure from WWII stories and fun to write!

Birthday and Bookings

September brought continuous birthday celebrations with many fun times and surprises. Now I must get busy and market  WHILE.
I am awaiting dates for two book signings in the Columbus area. Have made initial contacts with positive responses for fall dates.
In November I will be presenting WHILE at the Reynoldsburg Senior Center during week of Veterans' Day. This is in keeping with remembering those of WWII and other wars.
In January I will be at Delaware Senior Center presenting to those who lived the years in the book. I am also waiting dates from another center.
WHILE setting up these dates, I am re-writing the first draft of Raising 6 Hannas in Gahanna. Having fun with remembering with kids. One chapter is "Where Was I?"
Ohio Writers' Guild sponsored a presentation of "6 Steps of Publishing". Again, I realized I am doing the right things, just need to do more!
I am back to writing poetry after hearing local poet Fred Anderle read at columbus Cultural Arts Center. His point is "poetry must move you right away".

Kindle & Dunes

I like reading books on Kindle BUT I do not like them enough to give up reading real books. On vacation, I saw my grandchildren busy playing games on their ipads and lap tops, watching movies on minature movie screens AND there I was. Grandma was reading on her electronic device.
A screened-in porch built alongside the great room became my afternoon reading space.This house sat atop a sixty-five foot dune covered in trees. I read in a tree house. What an unexpected pleasure!
I am in the midst of setting up fall dates for readings of WHILE. TBA
My next book subtitled Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna is still in writing stages. The main title is Hdot. You'll have to read the book to know why.
Just finished reading Engagements by Sullivan. I likes it so much I borrowed another of her books Maine.
What are you reading?

Meet Christine

Have you ever wondered how a boy can become a frog, how you can recycle an egg carton into a toy, or how you can cook chicken tonight? All this information has been researched and written by Christine M. Irvin, a fellow author and freelance writer.
Christine and I met many years ago through the Ohio Writer’s Guild. We have kept up our friendship and followed each others writing careers. We decided to promote our writings on each others blogs.

I interviewed Christine and read Isaac the Frog (Sprite Press) “Isaac loved frogs. He dreamed of being a frog. He wanted green lumpy skin big google eyes, a long thin tongue and four legs with webbed feet. One morning Isaac hopped out of bed. He bounced down the stairs and jumped on his chair at the table.” From that moment he spends his day acting like a frog. This book is a delightful look at a child’s fantasy and its result.

Her books for recycling milk cartons, paper cups and egg cartons are featured in Craft Mania (Gramercy Press) and chicken recipes in Online she shows two crafts for children to make .A Halloween pumpkin can be made from a milk carton and a pin cushion from a pie pan. Christine is a busy wife and mother writing book reviews and meeting deadlines for the Christian Children’s Book Review website; Book Reporter, Kids Reads and Teen Reads. Currently she has twelve books waiting for her comments. She writes articles for service guides for Malachi Marketing for Carroll County, Ohio and the Amish and has written web copy articles for business promotions. With her daughter Natalie she has Pinterest and Etsy online business websites to showcase items and sell handmade jewelry.

Christine is currently involved in an online web course called the Picture Book Academy where she is learning the real “nuts and bolts” of picture book writing. She is also joined another online group, the 12 x 12, where members are encouraged to write a picture book draft each month for a year and have it critiqued by an agent. Through both, she has become immersed in the children’s book writing community, interacting with both published and non-published writers.
Christine recently participated in PitchMAS. PitchMAS was an open invitation for writers to submit 35-word "pitches" of their stories. If their pitch was chosen, it was posted on the PitchMAS website for two days in order to give agents and editors a chance to peruse them. Christine sent in four different "pitches." One of hers was amongst the 56 chosen as finalists. Several agents and editors visited the website during that two-day period; one agent asked to see the story Christine had pitched. She sent the manuscript to them and is now working with that agent for possible representation.

This author is a happy, talented writer. I encourage you to follow her website and check out her interesting blogs and many publications.

Her website is:

On the Move

Presenting WHILE has taken me many places. I am following advice to "go anywhere to get the book out there".

This spring, I read excerpts from WHILE in Zanesville, Ohio at a scheduled reading at the library and met authors from the area and heard parts of their works.

In Westerville, Ohio I went back to school and spoke to middle school students about being an author for Career Day. As a former teacher, it was good to be back in the classroom and interacting with the students. The best part of the day was when upon leaving, one boy came up and shook my hand!

In partnership with the Columbus Arts Festival( June 7,8,9) and as facilitator of the Ohio Writer's Guild, I became a member of the organizing committee. For the first time authors were recognized as artists. They registered online and auditioned in person. Those chosen read parts of their works at the festival. We had a variety of readings and were well received. Several asked if we would have author readings again next year.

This summer my co-author and I will be speaking at the Worthington retirement center in Columbus. The audience there should be those who can identify with the times written about in WHILE
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