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Authors will be recognized as artists at the Columbus Arts Festival this summer. Poetry has always been presented.
I have been named to the Columbus Arts Festival committee to establish procedures for authors to read works at the SPOKEN WORD stage. I am learning the process and hope to have a sucessful opportunity for authors to present their works.

I am hearing from you about WHILE. Several college friends wrote after our reunion. " I liked getting to know you better." and "Will continue to share your book with others." and "Our lives were so much the same." This person outlined where our lives parralled. All commented on Hilde's sad life.

WHILE continues to be mentioned wherever I go, by me and others. Talking to others seems to be my best method of selling.


At the end of a year and a half of publication, WHILE has sucessful sales, reviews and comments still coming.
Readers like the arrangement of chapters to highlight the contrast of Hilde's and my lives. Others write of the parallels of their American lives and mine.
One friend wrote that her dad was a banker, air raid warden, and bourough treasurer like my dad. Her mother was a teacher like my mine! She lives nowhere near me.!
One guest at a party brought her husband who heard me talking about WHILE. Leaving the party, she asked me where to buy the book. He'd asked for it for Christmas!
At another party I met a man who publishes books with the same company as I published WHILE. Amazing! We has alot to talk about!
I hope the new year brings more comments and more sales!
Let me hear from you.

Your Comments

I am enjoying reading your comments about WHILE. At my college reunion the first comment was the contrast in families and how important a stable family is. Others at the table overheard our discussion and bought the book. I donated WHILE as a door prize and the person who won had spent time in Germany. Others came up to me that evening, talked about their time in Germany and wanted to buy the book. I could have sold a dozen, but didn't bring more as I didn't think that was the place to set up shop. My cousin introduced me to her German friend who wanted to read the book.I sent her a copy and my cousin writes she is "over the moon". I am honing my marketing skills. At an outdoor book sale, I asked men if they were interested in WWII or history and women if they are interested in women's stories. One woman bought the book because i "lured her in". Write me your comments.

Gearing Up For Fall

After a summer with a broken wing, I am lining up events and promotions for fall.

In September In downtown Columbus, I will be selling my book at an author INDEPENDENTS DAY event with other writers..
                          Mid-month, I go to my college reunion and will donate a book for a door prize at mixer. Hopefully, others will take note and ask about WHILE.
                          I will also donate a book for our annual neighborhood picnic. Again I hope it will stir some added interest.
In October    My ad for WHILE will run in Columbus Creative Co-operative's latest edition.
                        In Chicago, I will be checking the status of my books held at two book stores there.
                        Later in the month, I speak to the Gahanna Library book Club.
                        My book and I plan to appear at Writer's Ink Book Fair.
In November I will present WHILE to the Westerville Senior Citizen's book club.

Selling a book takes alot of marketing which I am learning, but I would rather WRITE!

Summer News

Thanks to all who answered my request and posted comments on and Barnes& book sites. These should help sales of While.
Part of a comment in a letter; "You and your co-author have done an interesting and effective job of juxtaposing your two lives ..."
Sales have slowed due to my recuperation time.Monster sling is off. Physical therapy is strenuous. See my comments on Poetry page.
I have two upcoming book signings at end of July and bookings for fall.
In September I go to 50th college reunion from Grove City College (PA). Lookin forward to getting together with three other alumna for the weekend.
Never thought of this date in my life. I am donationg a copy of WHILE for a door prize at one of the events.
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