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Good News

WHILE won Exceptioinal rating at Columbus Parks&Recreation Festival!
My poem Seinworb won exceptional as well. The poem is a backward poem of the process of making brownies.  Look for it on poetry page.
Writing is now curtailed. My shoulder surgery went well, but right arm is in a sling for 6 weeks.
Still keeping busy. Spoke to veteran's group June 1 and at Columbus Arts Festival June 2.
An ad for WHILE will be in Columbus Creative Co-operative anthology this summer.
I'm busy lining up dates for fall presentations.
Please send comments.

Happy Birthday WHILE

WHILE is a year old this month of May. We are hearing comments about the book from people all over the world. I'm excited to discuss the book with MY book club in June!

I just came back from England Scotland. What a trip! Bill&I saw the Tower of London and crown jewels, cruised on the River Thames, went to Liverpool, Stratford uponAvon toured  toured Edinburgh Castle, ate haggais, visited woolen mills ( Hanna and Craig plaids not made. Bummer!) sipped tea on Brittania, went to Loch Ness-no monster, All this and lots more!

Shoulder Surgery scheduled 5/16. My Activities will be curtailed for awhile.

Playing With Words

My short story is being published in the latest Columbus Creative Co-operative anthology. My story "From Empty Envelopes" fits the theme for While You Were Gone.
I had previously written the story from the prompt to write a story about someone who is nothing like you, but wants the same thing. I wrote about a homeless woman who wants to be a writer. The title came from my mother's habit of writing notes on empty envelopes.
I've taken up the challenge of a local columnist to write a poem from a Columbus Dispatch headline. I wrote "The Ballad of he Buckeyes 2011" based on the poem of "Casey at the Bat." Semi is Final Step is my description of the OSU basketball team's final step in the championship race, to the pace and wording of the older poem. It was hard to get the last game emotions and starting players mentioned, but I did. "Oh, somewhere is this favored land the sun is shining bright/ But there is no joy in Columbus--The Buckeyes lost that night."

You Like While

From MO a reader knew people in While and told her story of meeting them.

From FLA "Your approach to the way you wrote was interesting and very easy to follow."

Another from FLA "The contrast of your two lives was nicely written."

From TX my cousin found the book interesting because he knew the people and places and "You told everything."

From IL Two stores in CHICAGO now have my books for sale. the Book Cellar on N Lincoln, Women&Children First on N. Clark

On the Move

While ...Born During WWII is on the move. I checked at the local library to ask about the traffic on the book. The manager told me that one was checked out and another just came back. A friend nearby heard and said, "I'll take it!"
I am making arrangements for a presentation and book signing at a book club in my hometown.
 It will be interesting to hear others' comments about their town when I lived there.
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