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You Like While

From MO a reader knew people in While and told her story of meeting them.

From FLA "Your approach to the way you wrote was interesting and very easy to follow."

Another from FLA "The contrast of your two lives was nicely written."

From TX my cousin found the book interesting because he knew the people and places and "You told everything."

From IL Two stores in CHICAGO now have my books for sale. the Book Cellar on N Lincoln, Women&Children First on N. Clark

On the Move

While ...Born During WWII is on the move. I checked at the local library to ask about the traffic on the book. The manager told me that one was checked out and another just came back. A friend nearby heard and said, "I'll take it!"
I am making arrangements for a presentation and book signing at a book club in my hometown.
 It will be interesting to hear others' comments about their town when I lived there.

Me, a salesperson?

I am a writer,not a marketer, but I must be one! SO I have sold a book out of the trunk of my car after church, sold books from a table with others at a book fair, sold books at a holiday bazaar and sold from the basement of an arts center. In each case, I had to give my "elevator speech" to attract people. In some cases, I targeted men asking if they liked stories about WWII. To women, I ask if they want to read about two little girls growning up in different countries. For my children's books, I show the craft project they can make after they read the story.
My efforts are slowly rewarded. One friend emailed me this note "Your books are now going far and wide". She heard from a friend in Alaska who has my book.

On Facebook Now

Accomplished two of my goals from attending Indie Conference in Indianapolis--writing a guest blog and going on facebook. The blog was published and received positive comments. Facebook has me confused, but I'm learning how to use it. It was reccommended to use facebook with comments about the book and its progress. I will try to keep it that way.
what goals have you accomplished lately?

Experiences to Remember

I have often wondered what it would be like to see my book being read by another person. Last week I was pulled aside by a woman who told me she was reading my book. What a thrill!
Another exciting experience came when I donated a book to my hometown library. It felt good to give back to the place that meant a lot to me from pre-school story hours through teen years.
What have you seen happen from your past that excited you as a grown-up?
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