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Our dear three year old granddaughter, Rosie, died recently. She was the victim of a window blind entangelment. Rosie spent four days in a coma in the hospital where she passed away. Her organs were donated so others may live. Our family is devastated and trying to cope with losing her. Please pray for us.


A First!

Today I did something I've never done before. I started reading a book and the story was SO SAD I couldn't continue. I know it's a tribute to the author to make me feel so involved, but I couldn't continue knowing the main character was in such a horrible state. The narrator states at the beginning of the book that she'd let him down, then went to a flash back of what happened. Knowing that, I didn't want to see the character in a worse situation. I may continue, but not for awhile. I usually finish a book to read how the author ties the story together. Not now! Has this happened to you?/>

Happy Holidays

My flash fiction was published on National League of American Pen Women website. This was a first try at writing a complete story in 100 words or less. Wrote of coach approaching team room after an injury. "In or Out?" was published on Veterans Day. I took copies of WHILE to sell at a book fair Sunday before Pearl Harbor Day with model of the Arizona on display as a remembrance of lives lost at its sinking. A little boy came by and wanted to buy the model! He was more impressed when I told him it was built by my son who is a Marine. I am reworking sections of RAISING SIX HANNAS in Gahanna. Here is a Christmas sample. "Sit up straight. Stop poking. Quit hiding." Why would these comments be made on Christmas Day at Hanna House? Happy Holidays!

News and Photos

I went to Independent's Day in Columbus to sell WHILE...Born During WWII. People were not there to buy books, but the exposure was good.(see Writer's Life)

A reader of my manuscript SIX HANNAS IN GAHANNA wrote that she laughed out loud when reading about three year old Lee and Grandma and the sofabed. You'll have to read the book when it comes out to find out what was so funny. (See photo in Writer's Life for recent photo of 6 Hannas)

I heard author Anthony Doer speak about his curiosity that lead him to writing the story of ALL THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT SEE. What a book! I am leading a discussion of it for my Lit Club in November.

In September I toured a doll museum and found a doll like Suzie Q, my childhood doll, wearing the same outfit. (See photo)

Still writing about family in Gahanna. Six Hannas have the manuscript now for comments.

Summer Set Back

Two skin cancer surgeries on my ankle, one with skin graft slowed me down this summer. it was painful to walk. I have not worked on mss returned for 6 Hannas in Gahanna, nor written anything new except poetry. (See poetry section).

I did go on vacation with family to Pokegon State Park on Indiana/Michigan border. Used a wheelchair and a cane, but got arround. Watched kids and grandkids swimming and riding bikes, and ate good lunches at beer pubs . We made dinners over open fires and s'mores at night. Great time!

I hope to sell more WHILE in the fall "Columbus Independents Day" and set up more presentations with Hilde.

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