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New Year

Happy New Year!
It was a slow start for Bill and me. we both caught the cold of the century. My mother always said that a cold lasted "Seven days or a week". She was right! I carried a  tissue box  on my hip the whole week.
Thank you for your christmas cards. Our card featured a photo of 23 family stockings hanging under the mantel with the accompaning letter starting with "one missing this year" Rosie's. My childhood friend Elaine passed away last year too. I miss both of them. I'm finding that grieving appears in many ways.
Revising Six Hannas in Gahanna is slow going. I had surgery for weeping eye. Seems successful.
New poem Loss was written after talking to newly widowed friend.
Here's hoping for a healthier more produtive new year.

It's Been Awhile

...since I've written. I haven't been able to focus mentally and physically; mentally after Rosie's passing and physically with high blood pressure and cataracts. I've had both eyes done. Left eye surgery went well. Right eye did not accept preferred implant. Standard lens was implanted. Recovering now from trauma to the eye. See poem on Poetry page. I've been busy as program chair for local branch of National League of American Pen Women. My poem "Lydia" was just published in NLAPW magazine. The entire family was here for apple picking, Greg's college Homecoming and celebration of second birthdays of two grandsons Odin and Sam. I'm gearing up to sell WHILE in December craft shows. Hope to return to rewriting parts from professional editing of Six Hannas from Gahanna soon.


How should Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna be published?
     After professional editing, the manuscript needs the next step. The comments made were " as a family memoir with minor corrections, it's superb, but has little opportunity for a  large market". It was also stated that "its strongest face is as a vignette of American second half of the century, a modern period piece."
     I am reworking as per comments, but reconsidering how to publish.
     I have no completion date.
      It is hard to focus as life goes on without Rosie, a close friend dying of cancer, our sunroom flooding twice and east wall needing rebuilt, as well as cataract surgery scheduled for August.


Our dear three year old granddaughter, Rosie, died recently. She was the victim of a window blind entangelment. Rosie spent four days in a coma in the hospital where she passed away. Her organs were donated so others may live. Our family is devastated and trying to cope with losing her. Please pray for us.


A First!

Today I did something I've never done before. I started reading a book and the story was SO SAD I couldn't continue. I know it's a tribute to the author to make me feel so involved, but I couldn't continue knowing the main character was in such a horrible state. The narrator states at the beginning of the book that she'd let him down, then went to a flash back of what happened. Knowing that, I didn't want to see the character in a worse situation. I may continue, but not for awhile. I usually finish a book to read how the author ties the story together. Not now! Has this happened to you?/>
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