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WHILE ... is in the final stages. A reviewer has read and I have approved final corrections. Each set of corrections had set back publication by two weeks. The price is established and in 3-4 weeks I will have a book in my hands.
Three May book presentations are scheduled. I will take names and addresses to send postcards for when the book is available.
Meanwhile, business cards are printed and distributed as advance publicity. I have several bookings in summer and fall, but will promote buying online.
Listen for fireworks when book arrives.

April Blog/Long Lost Cousins

In the midst of "proofing" the galley for WHILE, I received an invitation from one cousin to meet our long-lost cousins. They were coming to see her on her 93rd birthday and bring family genealogy records they had kept with her help. I had not met these cousins as their father was the "black sheep" of the family and had little contact with the Craigs. What a fascinating day!
The three ladies were so happy to meet other relations. They knew no other Craigs than their brothers and sisters. Two of the three women had a HUGE three ring binder full of records of family members from which I learned that I had a misspelling of our grandfather's name. Walter Justus Craig died before I was born and I spelled his name as it sounded. Another correction needed for my final "proofing" of WHILE ...

My March Madness

The corrected galley has been proofed and returned with less corrections than last. Some are mine and others are publishers. THEN I put a HOLD on resubmitted galley. There were too many blank pages due to my stipulation for right hand chapter starts. The suggestion was made to add photos to those blank pages. SO Hilde and I scrambled to get appropriate photos to fit time periods. Bill and I scanned photos, alerted publisher and sent eleven photos with captions. I hope to get galley back and signed off this month. Book next month???

February News

WHILE ... manuscript has been re-submitted with corrections. New galley due end of February, hopefully, without corrections.
The new cover has been well received. A friend wrote "I like the new cover, it delivers an immediate and dramatic link to WW2."
ALSO I have been asked to be a volunteer mentor to a high school senior who wants to be a writer. I'll be meeting with her this month.
 We'll get started logging 40 hours of work together attending writer's meetings, classes and presentations. She can also help with the
promotion of my book. Watch for future blogs about our activities. 


This week I received a “shocker” in the production of my book WHILE…Too many corrections in the galley! I thought I had submitted a better manuscript. When Hilde and I proofed the galley, we both found many mistakes in our sections both major and minor. Accent marks omitted and misspelled words could easily been caught with SEARCH. The German word vater should have been used consistently instead of both the English and German word for her father. In mine, plurals used for single words and misplaced commas were common. (I’m still confused here.) I am rewriting with corrections which will extend the publication date, (early Spring 2011) but this rewrite must be done and “proofed” again. Such is the work of this author when reading my work printed by someone else and not my own print-out.
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