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A Rediscovered Children's Book

I just found a faded children's cookbook that must have been mine (copyright date 1951).
From that book, our eight year old grandson and I made peanut butter and marshmallow squares wpread on graham crackers, topped with cinnamon candies, baked until candies melted. Still a good recipe!
As I looked through the oven door watching the candies melt, it shocked me to hear my grandson saying the words my grandmother said, "A watched pot never boils."
Do you remember making anything from a child's cookbook?

Early Books

A good writer always reads. These are a few books that introduced me to the world of reading.

I loved hearing nursery rhymes read to me from my Mother Goose book. I still have the book worn by use. Mother's notes say that I would sing the last line of each rhyme or sing the last word of a song. She wrote "after reading or singing Peggy says 'Do it again' until the ADULT is tired". I loved the story of the "Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat". I have some of my Golden Books, The Shy Little Kitten ( from gift exchange in first grade),The Little Red Hen and The Golden Book of Birds with my childish handwriting of my name written in the space framed by a book that says"This book belongs to Peggy Leis."

What do you remember of your first years with books?

First Blog First Books

In this and following blogs, I hope to share with you and have you share books that influenced you or interest you now.
An excerpt from my current manuscript WHILE...
"Mother took me to story hour at the local library. The childrens' room had a stained glass window. It's many colors streaming into the room reminded me of church, so I knew the library was a special place. I'd sit with other preschoolers while the librarian read to us. The BFJonesLibrary was a familiar place, a beautiful solid stone building with many wide steps leading up to its massive brass gates at the doors. This sanctuary sat on the avenue apart from stores lining the main street. I always felt safe there."
Maybe Make Way for Ducklings was the first story I heard there because it comes to mind when I think of my childhood and books.
What is the first book you remember?

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