A Writer's Life

Mother's Cup

This is the cup and plate mentioned in WHILE. My mother bought a set of twelve in 1950's (marked Schuman) at the same time Hilde was painting china in the Schuman factory.
trivial pursuit

Delaware Senior Center

Signing WHILE for a couple after Delaware Senior Center presentation. Reconnected with director of center after many years. She took us on a tour of the facility. This is a terrific place for county residents.

Preparing to Present

Returning to teacher mode in presenting topic "Authors Are Artists, Too" at Cultural Arts Center to a Coffee and Conversations group.
trivial pursuit

Trivial Pursuit

Adding my knowledge to Trivia Pursuit competition with team. We've placed in the middle of scoreboard for last five years. Fun evening!
trivial pursuit

Lindy's after Book Signing

Peg and Rosalie Ungar celebrating at Lindy's after book signings at Book Loft. Frigid weather kept away the crowd but we enjoyed visiting with those who dared to go out in -3 degrees.

Nativity Scene

At Nativity scene described in my blog Doing Things Differently. I'm holding Canneh the Reluctant Camel, the Christmas book I wrote for Sprite Press.
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